Data Room Software vs. Traditional File Sharing: A Comparison

Among the main negative effects on the document security of enterprises, insufficient qualifications of employees of certain structural units, and their unwillingness or inability to bring maximum benefit to their enterprise are singled out. Check what service for storing documents to use in the article below.

What are the advantages of using traditional storage for storing and sharing files?

Traditional file-sharing program is a very handy file manager that every user should check out. It features a simplified user interface and easy-to-access features, as well as a multi-level view that lets you move files between folders in real time. Traditionally, programs require you to copy or cut content and then navigate to the desired folder to paste it there. Additionally, USB OTG compatibility allows you to transfer files from a larger USB device, such as a hard drive.

There are the following advantages of using traditional file-sharing solutions:

  • You can easily share files with friends – just upload it to your cloud account on one of the services, open public access to it and give a link.
  • You will have access to the files you need at any time, in any place, regardless of which computer you log in from. The main thing is that there is access to the Internet.
  • Finally, if something happens to your hard drive or removable flash drive and the information is lost, everything will be in perfect order in the cloud data storage.

However, the absence of a single software responsible for quality checks and a register of the rules themselves leads to the fact that the same data is repeatedly checked. But no one cancelled the performance requirements for preparing data for reports, so an increase in the number of rules leads to an expansion of the infrastructure – more and more capacities are required, and the reason lies in the ignorance of real processes. As practice shows, actions aimed at obtaining confidential information in various ways are widespread in competition.

Why should you choose VDR over traditional file-sharing?

An important component of the economic security of the enterprise is the data security system, which is aimed at predicting risks and threats affecting the reduction of competitiveness, which allows determining in advance the prevention of negative phenomena, and to develop approaches and methods of increasing the effectiveness of countering them. At the same time, it becomes necessary to carry out timely identification, assessment, and monitoring, which allows reducing the threat of risk events that negatively affect the achievement of the company’s strategic and operational goals.

In comparison to traditional file-sharing services, the virtual data room is a feature-rich platform that provides many more features, such as watermarks and built-in login forms. All these files will be accessible from anywhere. It makes file sharing and storage simple. It provides powerful features for sharing, collaboration, storage and access. The best data room software in is not only limited to file sharing and storage, but it has much more capabilities.

At the same time, the data room software will respond to all violations of information security and promptly make decisions on the elimination of such violations, as well as on minimizing risks to the interests of the company or the fundamental rights, freedoms and interests of individuals, if the violation in any way concerns personal data of such persons.